With our expertise and cutting edge technological tools, we are one of the best bulk short messages services providers in the country and we can help you to reach your audience and get better conversion rate to your organization. Our main tools as service providers to get to your clients include automating notifications, verification as well as promotional offers. With carefully charted out and focused messaging technique, we can reach to your client base and make sure that your SMS, updates and offering are communicated immediately. Why Hire 2day Promotion

We provide bulk SMS services at a very competitive price

Well have good control panels complete with full user interface

Instant SMS delivery characteristic for better and faster message delivery

Immediately activation when you buy our account

Register as many recipients as you want

Wide coverage to reach all parts of your target audience

Round the clock customer support system

Easy, reliable as well as fast to use services.

With our 2Day Promotion plan, we can offer you the following benefits
that can make you the leader in your industry.

Instantaneous SMS – Your staff and clients receives your message within seconds. For instance, you can send bulk SMS to customers informing them about your new product.

Scaleable – You are able to send unlimited number of SMS to any person you want.

High open rate – You get to enjoy the benefit of messages being opened and read. Compared to email, messages are 4 times more likely to be opened and read by recipient.

Reliability – You don’t need to worry about any spam filter with our bulk SMS. You are assured of 100% delivery to your intended audience.